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Mature Students

by Ann

Photo Credit: Elyce Feliz

Photo Credit: Elyce Feliz

Is being a mature student a disadvantge if you want a career in psychology?

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Based on my experiences as a student and then a lecturer in the subject and drawing on content from the All About Psychology website, I've put together a survival guide for psychology students.

In producing the guide I've kept one main thought in mind; namely, if I was to go through my psychology education again - beginning when I first started considering studying the topic, right through to graduation and beyond - what information and resources would I most like to have at my disposal?

The primary aim of the guide, therefore, is to provide an easy to use online reference tool that psychology students can use to quickly locate the information they require.

The Psychology Student Survival Guide is available as a free app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; which you can access via the following link.

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A text (PDF) version of guide is also available.

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Comments for Mature Students

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wisdom of age
by: Thomas

Life experience is rarely a disadvantage. Unless your calculating the days you have left on earth and how you are going to spend them, I say matriculate.

All the best on your new endeavor.

A Change of Career
by: David

Hi Ann

The British Psychological Society has a useful change of career section that you might find useful. See following link

A Change of Career

by: Anonymous

As a mature student female 50, reading psychology, I believe that there is a degree of ageism involved; strangely it appears to be mainly from those lecturers of the same age group! Are we harder to teach? I looked so forward to this course, but with low grades in some modules I feel that I do not want to continue my second year (quite depressing really) Maybe I am not playing ?the game? or are incredibly thick. Ah well exams next let?s see what happens there?

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