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Mathematical Minds versus Artistic Minds

by Denny
(Las Vegas, USA)

Photo Credit: Badjonni

Photo Credit: Badjonni

I am curious as to if any studies have been done on the difference between how artistic people solve problems versus how mathematically inclined people do. My fiancee and I think and solve tasks and problems very differently in most instances.

She is very artistic and I am very mathematically inclined. We both find this subject interesting, and I'm sure many others will as well.

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Apr 05, 2011
math and art
by: Wendi Hobbie

I think there is different kinds of math and different kinds of artists. The artistic/creative mind works in mathematic space. Geometry. We tend to use perspective and depth. Some artists use numerical math such as architects. But we tend to use math, science, history, language in more abstract terms. You may find we see "shades of grey" as apposed to "black and white."

There is an interesting book and I think it is called "The Right Mind" and the author has the last name of Pink. As an artist, I can tell you the cover is yellow-orange with a cut out in the middle. How's that for visual detail?

Apr 20, 2010
He Does not see as I see.
by: Anonymous

I am an artist. I can look at a landscape ,go home and paint it in detail, exactly. I can hardly multiply and can not EVER remember a phone number after I look it up. My husband is a walking phone directory, great with measurements and a good carpenter "multi-talented ".

I can recall just about every conversation I have ever had in my adult life,he will tell the same thing to me forgetting that he told me all ready! So there has to be a big difference in our brains, which is quite O.K. as we have been married almost fourty years and continue to do good.


Jan 05, 2009
The Art & Science of Problem Solving
by: David

Hi Denny

See following link for a very interesting research paper on the art and science of problem solving.

The Art & Science of Problem Solving

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