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How To Move On?

by Paul

I recently began dating a woman and she had an ex boyfriend that lived in another state. The relationship was good at first but then his true colors came out. He broke up with her in September 2010 because he was not ready to be with just one woman and since then has every few months tried to keep a little attachment but she has tried to break away.

Now that he knows she is moving on he will not leave her alone. One minute he says he is happy for her and the next he is telling her that it will never work and she is making a huge mistake and all sorts of things. This guy just does not get it. He has been a player most of his life and now that she wants nothing to do with him he will not leave her alone and has made comments about me as well.

His story about what he wants and with her and other women changes every five minutes. I understand maybe he is upset but he should have thought about that when she was still interested. Now he is doing all he can to undermine what we are doing.

So what do we do to get it through this guys head that what he is doing is not okay and he needs to STOP! I don't want to provoke him and make it worse but we are not sure what to do about him any longer.

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