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Health Psychologist

by Cleto

I am interested in taking up my academic studies again with a view to ultimately qualifying as a Health Psychologist.

To date, my academic studies mainly comprise of a degree in Psychology and Communication, and a diploma in Business Communication - both obtained from the University of South Africa. Most of my career (20-odd years now) has been in the field of HR.

However, I was always very passionate about health and fitness, gradually moving into this area over the last 7-8 years. I have since gained quite a bit of hands-on experience, and qualified as a Fitness Trainer last year.

I see myself being quite instrumental as a future Health Psychologist by way of coupling my keen interest in better helping people achieve their health/fitness goals/requirements (I pay a lot of attention to their motives) via a solid understanding of human behaviour.

I see diet, health, physical fitness, self-concept, mindset and lifestyle as being so inextricably linked. One cannot ignore the importance of the 'mental' component in physical fitness.

I would be very grateful if anybody could let me know which institutions offer academic programs that would provide me with the necessary credentials to work as a health psychologist, preferably credentials that would enable me to work in Europe and/or the USA.

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