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Friend Does Inappropriate Things He Can't Remember Doing

by Dewet
(South Africa)

Photo Credit: Neitherfishnorflesh

Photo Credit: Neitherfishnorflesh

A friend and I recently went to an Indian restaurant. It was still early in the evening and we ordered food and drinks. The drink were non alcoholic and neither of us had, had anything to drink at all. There was about 20 people in the restaurant and it's all fairly open plan. We chatted for a while and then there was a fairly short silence of about 10 seconds or so.

The manager of the Indian restaurant was standing in the middle of the restaurant. My friend got up, walked to the manager and said he wants to show him something. He then proceeded to rub himself against the guy in a sexual manner RIGHT IN FRONT of everybody. This continued for about 10 seconds or so. The manager was flabbergasted and walked of.

We finished our food and I didn't know what to say to him. His face seemed empty, it did not look like my friend anymore. We finished our food, payed the bill and left.

I asked him "what the hell was that", in the car and he asked me "What was what?" I then explained to him what happened and he couldn't remember a thing! It was as if he blacked out.

Then last night the same thing happened with a dinner at our house. It was me, him and 3 other friends one of which is female. While sitting at the table the same thing happened between him and my female friend. And this is in the open right at the table. I'm dumbfounded because he's a really good friend!!!! What's happening here.

My female friend left the table and cried in one of our rooms. One friend confronted him as to what the hell he thinks hes doing and that he needs to apologize to her (No more than 2 minutes afterward) and again he just replied, that he has absolutely no idea what we are talking about. What is going on? Is my friend going crazy or is he just lying.

It might be of value to note that he is going through a divorce and is under tremendous pressure at the moment.

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