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Fear of Success

Photo Credit: Chris Pirillo

Photo Credit: Chris Pirillo

I have a strange problem from my childhood. I have a fear of success'. Since my childhood I was always average academically and all my siblings were very good so I was always expected to perform well.

When I became a teenager I started working very hard in my studies but when it came to appear in a exam, I was always gripped with a strange problem, I felt that I have not worked hard and if get good marks then it will be injustice to all those who have worked hard for it.

Even now in my work field I spend a lot of time analyzing and preparing for my work but when it comes to actual execution I again feel that I have not worked hard enough to taste the fruits of success. Does anybody know how I can put away this fear of winning or success?

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Fear of Success
by: Anonymous


In my opinion, it isn't so much about the fear of success as it is having to live up to expectations that were very difficult for you during your childhood years.

You carried this insecurity, lack of confidence and self-worth into adulthood hence, you beat yourself up which triggers the anxiety, fear. This is only an opinion, I am not a doctor by the way. I am in the process of completing my bachelors in psychology.

This fear and anxiety stems from your childhood years. I would recommend finding a good therapist that you can talk to. Ultimately, you need to come to terms with yourself. You have to believe in you and say it is okay if I am not perfect. Praise yourself when you accomplished something. But this takes time. I hope I helped some.

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