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Fear of Restricted Movement of Specific Limbs

by Erik

Photo Credit: Becky McKimmy

Photo Credit: Becky McKimmy

O.K., so the title pretty much gave it away.

As long as I can remember, I have had to fight feelings of panic if the movement of my arms is restricted by clothing, typically this would happen with a (tight) pullover type sweater or even a normally fitting t-shirt if it has become wet.

I am not sure if it is really an issue of my arms being restricted or if it is the feeling of PHYSICAL helplessness that really scares me. (I accept philosophically with no undue feelings of anxiety potentially life threatening situations which I cannot directly influence, including two emergency landings on commercial aircraft.

I have not had problems other than with clothing, even with handcuffs fastened in front, though I think I might panic of they were handcuffed behind or if I was restrained in a manner that would leave me helpless. This suspicion is strong enough that I have no intention of trying it ;D

When this happens, the feeling of panic is very strong, though I can control it.

What I am searching for is the proper term. Some have suggested that this is a (mild) form of claustrophobia, but I do not have any problem at all with small, enclosed or crowded spaces, s long as I can move my arms freely, which I imagine is a rather common definition of claustrophobia.


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