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Extreme Aversion To The Smell of Alcohol

by Josh

Photo Credit: Insert User Name

Photo Credit: Insert User Name

My boyfriend is extremely sensitive to the smell of alcohol, so much so that if he is around it too long he will throw up. He has never really drank alcohol to any extent, except for a few times.

He is an only child, there is a history of alcohol abuse in his family. He was raised by his mother who has over the past year become more dependent on alcohol.

As a child of an alcoholic myself, I can understand an aversion, but I have never heard of someone having such a strong reaction that they will throw up multiple times, even after leaving the area where there is a smell. moreover he can smell alcohol when most cannot.

Is this a psychological induced reaction or something else (like an allergy)? Is there anything he can do? His intolerance is preventing us from socializing with my friends, and surely he will be missing out on a lot of socializing and culture if he can't be in the room with even a relatively small amount of open alcohol.

He is also a type 1 diabetic, i do not know if that could contribute to sensitivity.

Please help, thank you.

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