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Eating Disorder?

by Conor

Photo Credit: Adam Gerard

Photo Credit: Adam Gerard

OK, I am 28 a year old male, and I have had OCD all my life. I'm also probably depressed. I started taking Prozac and Xanax (generic) daily a few years ago, and they have both been a great help.

I still have lots of compulsions: ritual counting/tapping, intrusive thoughts and subsequent "magic thinking" (I hate that term, by the way. Have you guys could come up with something more accurate?)

Anyway, I had a tough year here. First year at a new school in a new, big city. The biggest indicator of my current state of depression is the constant (not-tired) sleeping.

Those aren't new. The new one is that I have been procrastinating on eating. This is weird to type at all, as I love food but sometimes (all the time) I can't be made to eat. I get hungry - super hungry, and sit in my apartment, watching TV. There's food to make - I can't bring myself to make it. I have money - can't be made to go buy it. I've dropped around 20 lbs in nine months.

I've looked into anorexia and discovered that I don't fit the other indicators: My self image is alright, I don't purge, and I don't obsess over my weight.

There might be a slight agoraphobic component, as I have also developed a slight fear of, or at least tougher time leaving the apartment at all.

So, what do I do? he obvious answer is, "Eat." but you and I both know that's not what I mean. Is there an adjustment of medication that can help? Mental exercises like for the regular OCD stuff? Maybe just something to read on the subject? I just don't have the psychological tools for this one...and I'm hungry. Thanks.

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