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Dreams and the Brain

How exactly does our brain work when it comes to dreams? What happens at night? Are there any sort of chemical reactions that cause such a thing?

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Why Do We Dream?
by: Anonymous

From what I understand, there are several different theories about what dreams are, these being the major ones:

Some scientists have said that these 'scenarios'
are the result of random firing of nerve cells
in the brain, which stimulate random ideas, and
the brain tries to connect these ideas by
filling in the gaps with your subconscious. This
means that dreams are a combination of randomly
generated ideas and your own default thoughts.

Others believe the function of a dream to be
weaving new material into the memory system in a
way that both reduces emotional arousal and is
adaptive in helping us cope with further trauma
or stressful events.

Yet another model proposes that dreams function
as a form of psychotherapy. In this theory, the
dreamer is able to make connections between
different thoughts and emotions in a safe

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