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Depression: A Psychological Approach

by Albert

Photo Credit: Jani

Photo Credit: Jani

I would like to share my prolonged history of illness for the last 15 years. I was having some gastritis symptoms and was treated with antacids. I became fatigued and sleepy all the time and was told that I had depression.

For the last 4 years I have been treated with various antidepressants such as lexapro, cymbalta, mirtazapine in combination with xanax, stillnox etc, but they failed to address my illness.

I do not think that drugs are the answer to my problem, as I now believe in a more holistic approach. I have tried the psychological approach especially mind control, emotional control, breathing combined with drugs, relaxation and other alternatives. After two weeks I felt a major recovery in myself and now I am totally free from all the symptoms as well as depression.

For those who have treatment resistant depression or major depressive disorder, I strongly believe that a psychological approach in combination with other approaches can help. In my opinion, drugs only offer a short term solution.

Comments For Depression: A Psychological Approach

You are so right. Medication for depression is a short term approach, at best. For some, a combination of medication, therapy, and a holistic approach provide the best and most long lasting results (Anonymous).

I totally agree with you. Medication can only do so much, the body/mind/and spirit have to do the rest. A Holistic Approach to healing different disorders and/or illnesses is one's best bet :) (Ashley).

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