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Coprolalia-Like Symptoms

Since I was around 15, I've had Coprolalia-like symptoms where I have trouble controlling profane outbursts. However all of these outbursts are generally triggered by an embarrassing or uncomfortable memory.

I'll remember something I did that I felt embarrassed about and uncontrollably yell out something violent or profane. I can largely keep this in control while in public but while I'm alone they can be frequent and unpleasant.

They've been with me for about 7 years now and don't seem like they are lessening, so I'm considering getting some help or an expert opinion. I'm concerned that the urge may build up over the years and become less controllable. At the very least I was wondering if this disorder has a specific name.

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Two things
by: Anonymous

OCD vocal tics, or Tourettes, often both coexisting. If you have tons of blinking most likely Tourettes, I blink much in public when trying to suppress my obscene tics. Shoulder shrugs or chills is another thing, or like one eye will just blink uncontrollably, stuff like that. Another tic might be tapping your leg/foot to avoid tics in public, or chewing gum. Some people talk to themselves, to avoid tics, but as you can imagine that's kind of embarrassing, it's hard. It has to do with stress, nutrition, sleep, and genetics.

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