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Communication Strategy Needed

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: Arrrika

Photo Credit: Arrrika

My brother is 27, I am 30. He makes good money, contributes 1/4 of his paycheck to the house cost but spends the rest on friends, partying, clothing, and saves $0. Our parents are getting old and need our support. He is also entering a new phase of his life and needs to start thinking about his future, investment, financial stability, etc.

I don't know how to communicate with him. He is and has always been super defensive about anything. He always blames anything but himself for any failure. I am a super-saver and cannot think of a better solution to my sleepless nights than to provide a sustainable future for my parents.

How should I tell him that he needs to stop wasting money and save as much as possible so he can become rich in the future, and also be able to help with our parents' situation?

I am desperate - I need some way of communicating so I can relay this message without him getting defensive and dismissive. He is a good person, but I think he needs a little guidance. I have tried to set a practical example and have spoken with him about saving money before, but to no avail.

Please help me find a way to communicate with my brother. I love him and want him to be successful, happy and have a good life.

Any help and advice, based on theory or personal experience is greatly appreciated.

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