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Child Stealing

by Kat

Photo Credit: Dave  O

Photo Credit: Dave O

My godson steals and then lies about it, even if you saw him do it. It's hurtful because alot of times he will steal from someone who is already doing things for him. Example, I took him to the store to buy him clothes and he stole money out of my purse.

My nephew was buying him a skateboard and he took money from him. Some people came to visit and he was immediately in their luggage. His family took him out last night for a birthday celebration and this a.m. they woke up and he had stolen the money they had set aside to fix their car. It's not the money so much as the hurt it causes. He seems to steal when it will hurt or embarrass the most.

He's not on drugs, but my personal opinion is that he is angry with his mother who is largely neglectful and takes from him. She also wasn't at the Birthday dinner.

She had him when she was 15yrs. and had another at 16 and another at 17. He's been responsible for his brothers ever since he was 6, babysitting them sometimes thru the night. We've all tried to love and help him because of what he's been thru, but why does he continue to take it out on everyone but her? And what, if anything can we say or do?

If you ask him outright, he just lies. He is also bipolar and won't take his pills or go to the doctor, but his grandparents have been doing well with him, giving him an allowance and getting him back into school... until this a.m. when he stole their car money. His mom has moved back in the house, is sleeping in his room and I know he was mad at her last night because she wouldn't give him a ride somewhere.

Tomorrow is his 18th birthday and this has been going on for at least 9yrs.

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