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Child Psychology Question

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: robinn

Photo Credit: robinn

I am a Director for a Child Development Center. I have a divorced couple who have one son who is four years of age. The father who only has visitation Tuesday/Thursday 4:30PM-6:30PM, every other weekend, and every other holiday has decided to call his son by a different name other than his given name. The child never responds to this name nor even ask to be called that name.

We continue to call him by his given name. How harmful can this be for a child this age? This child already has self esteem issues due to the different life styles both parents have on raising their son.

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Dec 12, 2010
damage done
by: Anonymous

If the child is no longer using his birth name the damage is likely already done, approching the father may stop him calling the child by a new name but wont stop the child using it.

The child as he gets older is likely to need some form of counciling to discourage the name, the attention must be placed on the son, his mental health may be affected by the change because of the fathers stupidity and endangerment of his sons personality and health. Some help may be need to assist the father to look into why? The health issue may have been lingering in the father, its proably a name that dad want son to take before birth. W.

Dec 01, 2010
sore father
by: Anonymous

Sounds to me as if the father has some post divorce issues with either his wife or himself that he is selfishly taking out on the child. Someone needs to open this mans mind as to the issues he is facing this child with. You should mildly confront him, then play off his reactions.

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