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Child Psychology Question

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: Robinn

Photo Credit: Robinn

Hi psychology Q&A, I have a seven year old boy. I would describe him as a very fun loving and care free boy who is faring reasonably well in most of his activities and school. However there is this side to him that is very care less and not be bothered attitude in all his aspects which is spoiling it all.

He needs to be motivated to listen to the correct/right thing often and does get defiant and aggressive at times. He is not a good listener to things that point out his errors and prefers putting the blame on others. He also displays a lot of overexcitement and overconfidence in what he does with the result that all his outputs are falling much below his own capabilities. He also becomes very slow in his work pace be it even daily stuff like the brushing of teeth.

All his teachers are very fond of him as a well mannered boy but have serious points of discussion regarding his attitude and argumentative habit in putting aside the real point.

We as parents dont know whether he is having a genuine problem or is just being too complacent. How do we solve our problem?

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