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by Anonymous

Photo Credit: robinn

Photo Credit: robinn

My 7 year old step-daughter is in 1st grade, she has been tested for add, adhd and autism. The only thing the therapist said is that she had a delay in speech and communication.

She has vastly improved in the past year. She can read, write, count, add and subtract. She was tested last year and had an IQ of 90 or above. Her speech therapist that comes to the school, said that she is doing well this year and she does not need the therapy any more.

This year she has had many days where she will scream in class, break her pencils, throw her paper all because she says she does not want to do the work. She never can explain to us what happens or why. When you ask her where she lives, she will tell you way back, or her birthday is tomorrow. It seems sometimes that her memory is just really short, and other times that she does not understand what you are saying. At bath time we most always have a fit, I have to remind her how to scrub her hair, if not then she just moves her hands in one direction.

She has twin sisters who are 5 years old and are way more advanced then she is, and they were at 3 years old as well. Her parents divorced when she was 3yrs old. When I came into her life, most of her words were not understandable, she talked so fast that all her words ran together.

I'm at a loss on what to do, somedays I feel like she is improving so much, and other days I feel like there is something that everyone is missing, her social skills have improved since she started kindergarden but when compared to her sisters it seems odd. She is more in her own world most of the time. Please help, any way you can. Any new insight would be very helpful. I've done so much reading, but I'm lost. Thanks

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