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by Holly

Photo Credit: robinn

Photo Credit: robinn

I have a friend that is having troubles with her 6 year old son, she is asking advice from me because I am in my first year of psychology, but I am reluctant to give her any advice because I feel as if I am not ready for that.

I have first observation ideas, but would like advice from an individual with more background. Her son acts out in class aggressively, a lot of yelling, and verbal taunts; recently he submitted drawings in class of people dying, and of people shooting others.

In the past I told her his outbursts of aggression and verbal taunts were a learned behavior, due to the fact that that is what he sees in his household amid his mother and father. However, I told her that is just my first observation. Now she comes to me because of the photos. Her husband and her are recently divorced, and parted in anger.

What advice can I give her?

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