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Character Flaw

by Randy
(NM )

Photo Credit: Ranti Junus

Photo Credit: Ranti Junus

I am wondering why I find myself saying things in situations with a group of friends where I will take the opportunity to try and be funny at the expense of making someone look stupid. For instance I was having dinner with several friends and one asked another what kind of rice he had ordered, I jumped in and said "it is brown" he looked at me and asked if I was always this funny?

I wanted to just disappear because I knew I had made a fool of myself. It's like I point out something obvious to everyone and it is really not funny, I'm trying to make myself look smart or funny to everyone by making someone else look stupid.

In reality I am just showing everyone that I am insecure with myself or something, not sure what it is but I really want to dig into this and understand the underlying problem.

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