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Can A Marriage Between A Narcissist And A Sociopath Work?

by Anonymous

I have been puzzled by a relationship that is working as if it were "made in heaven". It is only 6 months old and the wedding is in a few weeks time, so I suppose it is in the honeymoon phase.

From the outside it looks like a fairytale unfolding and I must say I am quite envious:-) Flowers are showered on her, gifts are exchanged by both, weekends away and overseas trips are taken, laughter emanates from both and they openly show affection (many times inappropriately - in workplace, intimate kissing in front of others etc).

Why it puzzles me is this:

The lady is a narcissist - grandiose sense of self, lacks empathy, insists on being the center of attention, vain and can lie without batting an eyelid. The man has been identified as a sociopath by many. He is a millionaire (old money, and is a CEO of one of the family companies). He flies into rages, plays people against each other, has held a gun to more than one person's head, has a history of promiscuity and believes that everyone has his price, and can be paid off.

Can a romantic relationship between two "devils" work? Can they feed each others dysfunction and be happy "raising hell" and hurting others together? Is it possible that they can love each other, be loyal and faithful to one another because of the "bad" they share?

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