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Calculated Behavior

by William Glenn
(Florence, SC, USA)

Photo Credit: The Waving Cat

Photo Credit: The Waving Cat

I work in retail and my manager always talks in a really low voice so you can barely hear him. He is also very vague when delegating responsibilities. I've worked with him for about two years and the other day we started talking about the subject. He said he does it on purpose.

I can speculate that he wants to see if his employees really want to do things right and, if they do, they will ask him to repeat himself, and if they don't, they will just do the job the best way they can think of.

He told me to "google it" and I looked for information on his behavior and I couldn't find anything specific. He claims that everything he does is calculated. Is there anything in the psychology world that supports his claims or explains his behavior?

Can you find out things about people by doing what he does?

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