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Boy Dressed As A Girl

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: Natalie

Photo Credit: Natalie

My daughter-in-law dresses my 2yr old grandson in dresses and pigtails. She says it is to not "force" gender rules upon him. She also throws away the boy cloths I buy for him. I know she praises him more when he's dressed like a girl and is trying to get him to prefer pink and to enjoy dressing like a girl.

I'm concerned about him having indentity disorders as he grows older. I want him to like being a boy and like himself. She insists on bringing up articles that says it is not harmful for little boys dress like girls. That is not what is happening. She is teaching him to prefer dressing like a girl. What should I do? I really need advice.

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I hope things turn out okay
by: Jennifer

I don't know what advice to give other than try to encourage her to change. My sister treated her son much the same way. She seemed obsessed with somehow wanting him to be a girl. It got to the point that he was always wearing dresses and only had girl things to play with. I know this was confusing to him but he actually turned out fine.

Good luck!

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