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Believing Something is True Despite The Facts

by Mark
(Atlanta, GA)

Photo Credit: Victoria Landon

Photo Credit: Victoria Landon

Is there a name for the phenomenon of believing something is true solely because your want or need for it to be true? Like if I truly believed a movie star I've never met loves me personally, and I'm able to get through the day because of this "love".

I know people with BPD do this but I've also seen cases in my personal life where people I know well, who seem to be otherwise fine, do this in specific instances. For instance, I have a great friend whose belief system is very Fundamentalist Christian and frequently she gives faith an almost magical power to change any situation. She thereby relieves her responsibility to improve the situation herself, and will discount any evidence that seem to counter these beliefs.

I was just hoping there was a name to put with this phenomenon. I do realize we all probably do it to some degree. Thanks in advance!

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