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Being Made Fun of at Work

Photo Credit: Foam

Photo Credit: Foam

Sometimes at work I am flakey. I was just born like that and cant help it. My boss is always making fun of me, but waits until people are around to laugh with him. I'm so tired of being on edge wondering "today, when will he make fun of me and how many times?", because it WILL happen.

I've quit talking at all unless it's necessary so there won't be anything to be jokingly responded to as if my statements are stupid. I cried for an hour today after he made fun of me. It's stuff like this: Today I thought something was due and turned it in which was fine, as it's due tomorrow anyway. When I realized it I stated, "Gosh I guess I'm "off" today." He responded, "Hey, you've been off for a L-O-N-G TIME, and everyone laughed.

They don't know it hurts my feelings. Most workers would say to ignore this, but my point is, it's CONTINUOUS. Should I never say anything and just bite the bullet? Obviously things aren't that hateful which are being said, but it seems never-ending. Oh, and by the way, on my evaluations I'm told what a valuable employee I am and get a raise every time. Am I just being sensitive?

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