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Analyzing This Personality Type

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: elycefeliz

Photo Credit: elycefeliz

Hi Psych Q&A. Recently, but not newly, my mother has progressively been breaking down due to stress. She has been more and more intolerable to her 87-year-old mother because she has been convincing herself that she does not love her.

It's very hard to explain what she has been saying and feeling without seeing it; but my mother acts like she hates her mother and had a horrible life with her. My grandmother had health issues and has been out of the house for three months, and during that time my mother has only been so much worse. She pretended like it would be the greatest time of her life without her mother in the house, yet she only worried until the day my grandmother would come back, which happens to be tomorrow.

During my grandmother's time away, my mother's "symptoms" have become more prominent. She hardly can sleep at night if I am out, and worries until I get back. She consistently and increasingly worries about things in advance and the past/future is causing her extreme stress. She breaks down and cries at dinner a few times a week now.

She doesn't work but feels that she is the only one supporting the household; which is entirely untrue. Every time the family or I try to converse with her and reason with her, she shakes her head and its like talking to a brick wall.

When trying to convince her that nothing is wrong, she looks at the worst of everything and compares her life to her friends' and it is the most counter-productive arguing that I have ever had. She is very stressed, and will even ask me why I hate her when its a complete untruth.

She is being less and less able to cope with her stress, yet has always acted this way but less extreme. I don't know what "syndrome" you would call this, but we really want to help her or get her help, its dragging the whole family down during our hard times when she continues to break down and do nothing but say things like "I accept that there is no solution to the problem" and keep on crying and saying hurtful things to herself and family members.

Diagnosis is the first step in my opinion, I hope someone can help because this has persisted for months with only everyone's happiness decreasing.

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difficult but she needs affirmation...
by: Anonymous

Don't reason with her,that would only give her the feeling she is not in her right mind. What she feels is guilt, anger and she is very upset about it.

This is the way she is showing it. her wall like behaviors are protecting her. I beleive asking her and lending her an "understanding ear" is the first step.

If this still goes on I would go for professional help.

Wish you well.

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