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Addicted To Thinking and Rumination

by Tim

Photo Credit: Todd Martin

Photo Credit: Todd Martin

Hey people, I'm addicted to thinking. It's hurting me alot and I can't help it. I'm 25 and male. The problem is that I can't sit at my desk for maybe 10 minutes just concentrating on the paper I'm reading and not thinking about some real or unreal event from the past.

Many times I replay the old memories. I ruminate them and it's terrible. Whenever I go to bed I have to think about these memories including sexual ones to sleep. I talk with myself without moving my lips constantly. I want to get rid of this addiction. Please help me or tell me if you need more information.

Can I take some medicine? Do physical methods like neurofeedback help?

Please help


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let it be
by: Anonymous

There is nothing you can do to stop your thoughts from happening. Any drug you take or therapy you do will simply change the contents of your thoughts for a while.

Stop trying to stop your thoughts.. see what happens.

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