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Abstract Reasoning

by Anonymous

I was told by a psychologist that I scored in the 95th percentile in abstract reasoning. I wasn’t told much about what it meant. When I asked what can I do with that, I was told not much. Does that sound right?

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Surprised To Hear That!
by: Amelia

Obviously, I don't know what test you took or anything about the background and training of the psychologist conducting the test; however, I'm very surprised you weren't given any detailed feedback. Scoring in the 95th percentile in abstract reasoning is a significant achievement and indicates that you perform exceptionally well in tasks that involve abstract thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to understand and manipulate complex concepts. Here's a more detailed explanation of what this score means and its potential implications:

Percentile Score: When you receive a score in the 95th percentile, it means that you performed better than 95% of the people who took the same abstract reasoning test. In other words, your performance is in the top 5% of the population.

Cognitive Abilities: Abstract reasoning is a cognitive ability that involves thinking logically and analytically, often in the absence of concrete information or context. It's a skill that is highly valued in various fields, including mathematics, science, engineering, computer programming, and research.

Problem-Solving: Abstract reasoning skills are closely related to problem-solving abilities. People with strong abstract reasoning skills can often find creative and efficient solutions to complex problems.


Academic Excellence: If you're a student, your high abstract reasoning score may indicate that you have the potential for academic excellence, especially in subjects that require abstract thinking, such as mathematics or philosophy.

Career Opportunities: In the professional world, abstract reasoning skills are highly sought after in many industries. Jobs in fields like data analysis, computer programming, scientific research, and engineering often require strong abstract reasoning abilities. Your score could open up career opportunities in these areas.

Research: Abstract reasoning is critical in research, where the ability to form hypotheses, design experiments, and analyze data is essential. If you have an interest in research, your score could be an asset.

Problem-Solving Roles: Many leadership and management positions require individuals who can think critically and solve complex problems. Your abstract reasoning abilities may make you well-suited for such roles.

Personal Growth: Even outside of academics and careers, strong abstract reasoning skills can contribute to personal growth. They can enhance your ability to analyze situations, make informed decisions, and understand complex concepts.

Development: It's important to note that cognitive abilities, including abstract reasoning, can continue to develop and improve throughout life with practice and learning. If you're interested in leveraging your abilities further, you can seek out challenges, engage in activities that stimulate abstract thinking, and pursue education or training in areas that align with your strengths.

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