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Absence of a Father Figure During Childhood

by Jacque
(LA, California)

(Photo Credit: Old Shoe Woman)

(Photo Credit: Old Shoe Woman)

Besides the Freud perspective, is there any place I can start looking to find out issues/problems women tend to have due to absence of a father figure during childhood? I'm mainly interested to find out how a woman may overcome these challenges or disabilities caused throughout their development.

And are there any practices besides therapy and medications that counteract these difficulties in a woman's life?

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my title isn't important
by: suzanne

My father was not a nice man. It is apparent to me now that he had issues with women..not liking them etc. I was the brunt of many of his cruel remarks and jokes starting at the age of four. Today I have many problems with anxiety. I always wonder whatIi did that caused his cruelty to me. How could anyone not love a child?

Born without a father
by: Anonymous

I grew up without a father, not even knowing what his last name is or seeing a picture of him. I never had any psychological problems. I was always jealous of my brother's father. He always took him places and bought him things, but I couldn't figure out why I couldn't have someone like that in my life.

It was embarrassing at school when we had to talk about our parents because I could only talk about my mom. When people asked about my father, I just told them I didn't have one and they thought it was weird. Or maybe they thought I was weird.

I always heard that you can't miss something you've never had, but I envied the other kids who had fathers, which was everyone else. I was always curious and I still am now, as a 21 year old. I still wonder if my life would be different if I had a father-figure in my life.

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