The Case of Little Albert


Psychology Classic: The Case of Little Albert

little albert

In 1920 John B. Watson (Founder of Behaviorism) and Rosalie Rayner attempted to show how fear could be induced in an infant through classical conditioning.

Watson and Rayner published the results of their research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Entitled Conditioned Emotional Reactions their research became one of the most (in)famous psychology studies ever conducted and was soon to be known forever as "The Case of Little Albert".

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Conditioned Emotional Reactions by John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner

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Conditioned Emotional Reactions: The Case of Little Albert

Studies in Infant Psychology by John B. Watson & Rosalie Rayner Watson

Originally published in 1921 this manuscript was prepared on the basis of the experimental work conducted by Watson and Rayner in the psychological laboratory of Johns Hopkins University in 1919 and 1920. Included in the reporting of this research is reference to the infamous experiment on conditioned emotional reactions.

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Studies in Infant Psychology

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Short video which includes original footage of the Little-Albert study

The Little-Albert Study: What You Know is Mostly Wrong

Podcast Description

Think you know a lot about the little-Albert experiment conducted by John Watson? Well, guess what - you’d be surprised at how much of the story is simply not true. If you’re wondering whatever happened to little-Albert, whether the little Albert study created a lasting phobia in a small boy, or even what place this story has in the history of behaviorism, then I suggest you take a listen to this episode of The Psych Files and get the facts on this fascinating part of psychology’s history.

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I've just finished putting together an audio recording of the little-Albert study by Watson and Raynor which you can listen to via the audio player below.

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Following on from his excellent podast The Little-Albert Study: What You Know is Mostly Wrong - featured above - psychologist Michael Britt has produced a wonderful video entitled Finding Little-Albert; introduced as follows:

Little-Albert – one of the most famous subjects in the history of psychology has finally been identified. Researchers spent 7 years tracking down every possible lead in order to discover who John Watson’s "Albert B" really was. In this video episode I take you through each step of the extensive detective work to uncover his identity. It’s a fascinating, creative, and in the end touching journey. Some never seen before pictures are included. Join me in this episode of The Psych Files.

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Psychology On Kindle

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