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Counseling Psychology

What is Counseling Psychology?

According to The Society of Counseling-Psychology, a division of The American Psychological Association, counseling-psychology is:

A general practice and health service provider specialty in professional psychology. Counseling-psychology focuses upon personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span and on emotional, social. vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns. It centers on typical or normal developmental issues as well as atypical or disordered development as it applies to human experience from individual, family, group, systems and organizational perspectives.

The Society of Counseling-Psychology also note that counseling-psychologists help people with physical, emotional and mental disorders improve well-being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, and resolve crises. Practitioners in the professional specialty also provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology.

Great Free Resource

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Help your clients with this excellent free e-book written by renowned psychologist Dr. Lawrence E. Shapiro. Containing 52 colorful therapy worksheets designed to stimulate self-reflection and help people develop a variety of social and emotional skills, you can download Dr. Shapiro's book for FREE via the following link.

INSIGHT: 52 Therapist-Prescribed Activities To Help You Overcome Your Problems and Fulfill Your Dreams.

Counseling Psych Career Advice & Information

This section of the counseling-psychology page contains information links for anybody interested in becoming a counseling psychologist, or anybody wanting to find out more about what counseling-psychologists do.

This information will relate predominately to the practice of counseling-psychology in the USA & UK (Spelled with an extra "L" i.e. Conselling Psychology) however, I hope to include related information from other countries in due course.


The Society of Counseling-Psychology Division 17: The American Psychological Association

Founded in 1946 The Society of Counseling-Psychology promotes personal, educational, vocational, and group adjustment in a variety of settings. Via the website you can access Society of Counseling-Psychology newsletters and other useful publications. There is also a comprehensive student section that provides the answers to a range of questions relating to the study and practice of counseling-psychology.

CLICK HERE To Visit The Society of Counseling-Psychology Website.


The British Psychological Society

CLICK HERE for information on:

  • The Role of The Counselling-Psychologist
  • How Much Counselling Psychologists Get Paid
  • Becoming A Counselling-Psychologist
  • Obtaining Relevant Work Experience


The Association of Counselling Psychology

Among the information provided here you will discover what a counselling psychologist is, how to become a counselling psychologist and what the The Association of Counselling Psychology does..

CLICK HERE To Visit The Association of Counselling-Psychology Website.

The Australian Psychological Society College of Counselling Psychologists

The role of the APS College of Counselling-Psychologists is to enhance the professionalism and competency of counselling psychologists and to promote the work of counselling psychologists to their professional colleagues and within the community.

The following link provides information to members about the current activities of the College of Counselling Psychologists and to assist psychologists who are considering joining the College. Information is also available relating to the type of work that counselling psychologists do.

CLICK HERE To Visit The Australian Psychological Society College of Counselling Psychologists Webpage.

(Many thanks to Ben Mullings the current Chair for the Association of Counselling Psychology in Australia for letting me know about these very useful links).

Recommended Reading

Book Description 

Counseling Psychology, one of the original specialties recognized in the profession of psychology, centers on and promotes clients' personal strengths during times of developmental transition or personal challenge and crisis. This tradition has led the discipline to excellence in areas such as improving vocational decision making and understanding client response during counseling. More recently, this tradition has been applied in new and exciting areas, such as understanding the role of multicultural factors among persons and society, responding to crises in life such as health threats and disasters, and enhancement of social justice in systems and communities. 

The Oxford Handbook of Counseling Psychology comprises chapters, all written by expert contributors, in four sections: foundations of the specialty; contextual variables such as ethnicity and social class; applications across individual, couple, family and group populations; and intersections of the specialty with new targets of client or context. Each chapter reviews the history of research, theory and application; analyzes current directions, and sets an agenda for the close future, again in theory, research and application. The handbook is a comprehensive and well written survey of many of psychology's domains of growing interest to students, professionals, and the public.

See following link for full details.

The Oxford Handbook of Counseling Psychology

The About Psychotherapy Kindle Collection

Kindle collection featuring classic articles and book chapters about psychotherapy from such luminaries as Carl Rogers, Albert Bandura, Albert Ellis and Thomas Szasz. See following link for full details.

About Psychotherapy Kindle Collection

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52 Therapist-Prescribed Activities To Help You Overcome Your Problems and Fulfill Your Dreams