Warning Signs

Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike

Peter Langman, Ph.D.

Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike, book cover and description.

How do we prevent the next school shooting? By knowing the warning signs. Dr. Langman's timely book presents practical, research-based guidance on anticipating and preventing mass attacks. Warning Signs is for all members of a school community, including school personnel, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers, parents, and students. Drawing on lessons learned from dozens of thwarted plots and deadly attacks, Warning Signs provides the insight necessary to keep schools safe.

Praise for Warning Signs

"All educators who work with students from elementary school to college age will find tools in this book to recognize warning signs, encourage proper threat assessment, and ultimately avert a tragedy. Dr. Langman’s research and work have saved lives. I know. Mine is one of them." — Molly Bradley Hudgens, Congressional Medal of Honor Citizen Honors Recipient; author of Saving Sycamore: The School Shooting that Never Happened

"I wish I did not know Peter Langman. I wish his work did not matter to me, or any of us for that matter. But it does. My daughter Jaime was murdered in the Parkland school shooting. In hindsight, what happened to my daughter was preventable. This important book will take readers through identification of potential attackers and how to take action before the next mass shooting happens. For the safety of those you love, I hope you take the time to read this book." — Fred Guttenberg, gun safety activist; author of Find the Helpers

"To say that Warning Signs is a must-read doesn’t go far enough. This book should be required reading for every educator, school safety professional, and law enforcement officer in America. At a time in our history when we are faced with increased violence in our schools and communities, Dr. Langman provides a critical understanding of what we are facing and what we can do to make a difference. This book should be part of every school district’s threat management program." — John McDonald, Executive Director, Department of School Safety, Jefferson County Public Schools

"No one has devoted more time and energy to understanding school shooters, and how to stop them, than Dr. Peter Langman." — John Woodrow Cox, Pulitzer Prize finalist; author of Children Under Fire: An American Crisis

"Warning Signs is a game-changer for educators, school staff, and community members who seek a better understanding of their role in preventing school violence." — Michele Gay, Co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools; mother of Josephine Grace, killed at Sandy Hook

"Dr. Langman's book is like a compass for navigating the complexities of preventing the next school attack. The lessons contained in this book are a substantial contribution toward improving the safety of our nation’s schools. I wish these lessons had been learned in time to save my daughter Alaina." — Ryan Petty, Commissioner, Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission; Founder, WalkUp Foundation; Member, Florida Board of Education

"Given his decades of experience researching and studying shootings, Langman is in a unique position to provide counselors, administrators, law enforcement professionals, and human resource professionals the knowledge they need to prevent future attacks. This is a 'don't miss' book." — Brian Van Brunt, ED.D., author of Harm to Others: The Assessment and Treatment of Dangerousness and Ending Campus Violence: New Approaches to Prevention

"Peter Langman may have more experience studying the details of school shooters’ lives than any scholar or security official working today. Every time I read Langman’s work, I learn something new about what a school shooter was thinking, writing, or saying before he attacked. By identifying patterns in their pre-attack behavior, we can increase our ability to avert these tragedies and save many innocent lives." — Adam Lankford, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Martyrdom: What Really Drives Suicide Bombers, Rampage Shooters, and Other Self-Destructive Killers

Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

About The Author

Dr. Peter Langman is the Director of Research and School Safety Training at Drift Net Securities, and a researcher with the National Threat Assessment Center of the U.S. Secret Service. He received his B.A. in psychology from Clark University, his M.A. in counseling psychology from Lesley College, and his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Lehigh University. A sought-after expert on the psychology of school shooters and other perpetrators of mass violence, Dr. Langman conducts trainings on understanding the psychology of school shooters and identifying potential school shooters for professionals in mental health, education, and law enforcement. He has spoken on preventing school shootings at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, and been hired by Homeland Security to train professionals in school safety. 

A critically acclaimed author, Dr. Langman's previous book, School Shooters: Understanding High School, College, and Adult Perpetrators, was published by Rowman & Littlefield in January 2015. His first book, Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters, was published by Palgrave Macmillan and named an Outstanding Academic Title of 2009 by the American Library Association.

You can learn more about the invaluable work of Dr. Langman and access invaluable resources on school shootings, perpetrators, and prevention, by visiting his website schoolshooters.info and you connect with Dr. Langman online via LinkedIn

Click Here or on image below To Listen to Dr. Langman discussing his research on school shooters. 

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