The Transformation Promise

A Book About Love, Healing and The Flow of Life

Johanna Derbolowsky

The Transformation Promise: A Book About Love, Healing and The Flow of Life

Feeling the desire for change is the starting point of a conscious shift in your life.

Perhaps you have a general sense of discontent, or you have become aware of something specific that is not as it should be. You have realized that something could be better. With this belief, you have opened up a space to grow into, as if you have suddenly discovered a window and become aware of life outside where new possibilities await

Whether you are grappling with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, this book will guide you through the steps of examining your life, healing wounds and transforming situations while discovering an increase in love and joy in your life experiences

The Transformation Promise is available to order from your favorite independent bookseller, Barnes and Noble and in print and kindle versions from Amazon.

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About The Author

Johanna Derbolowsky, best-selling author of 'The Transformation Promise', and the recently published workbook '28 Days to Love, Joy and Prosperity', has helped clients worldwide with life’s major changes and transformations. From identifying long past incidents that can be the source of current major depression or health issues… to dealing with career changes, finding and sustaining fulfilling relationships, to the truly ultimate transformation at the end-of-life.

Ms Derbolowsky, the developer of the Quantum Heart Field Experience is a recognized metaphysical teacher, spiritual counselor, and energy healing coach. Johanna has worked for more than 25 years in the field of metaphysics. In addition to her primary work, she is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministries, hypnotherapy and Matrix Energetics practitioner, past-life regression and timeline therapist, Reiki Master and life coach.

She has a private practice and conducts seminars in the US and Europe and teaches at the A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Center in NYC.

You can learn more about Johanna Derbolowsky's groundbreaking work via her website and connect with her online via LinkedIn and Instagram.

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