The Soul's Twins

Emancipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes

Dr. Jean Raffa

The Soul's Twins: Emancipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes

With compassionate discernment and an unwavering belief in the dignity and beauty of the whole human, Dr. Raffa inspires us to begin our personal work to heal our world. (Diane Croft, Author of The Unseen Partner: Love & Longing in the Unconscious)

Humanity today is plagued by a loss of meaning and alienation from self and others. Drawing on Jungian psychology and wisdom traditions from world religions, Dr. Raffa offers a self-guided journey to heightened self-awareness and compassion.

This guide for all who desire greater self-fulfillment and freedom to be themselves describes four masculine and four feminine archetypes in everyone. A self-assessment tool called the Partnership Profile helps readers overcome gender stereotypes and activate a new archetype of loving relationship with oneself and others.

This awareness, combined with suggested practices, empowers readers to address their imbalances and create the lives for which they yearn.

  • Partner your feminine and masculine archetypes to overcome limiting gender stereotypes and empower your true Self 

  • For all who desire greater self-fulfillment and freedom to be themselves 

  • Includes a self-assessment tool to activate a new archetype of having a loving relationship with oneself and others

Here's a bible to couple the nurture of feminine power with the heroic masculine journey, promulgating oneness with the divine. Jean Raffa has crafted a 21st century road map for the soul. (Randall B. Robertson, Founding director of GladdeningLight, a nonprofit spiritual arts initiative)

 The Principles of Jean Raffa - Author | Lecturer | Wilbur Award Winner

The Soul's Twins is available to pre-order from your favorite independent bookseller, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

About The Author

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Dr. Jean Raffa is an author, speaker, and leader of workshops and dream groups. Formerly a television producer and college professor, Jean changed directions in mid-life to write about her passions: Jungian psychology, empowering the feminine in all of us, and psychological and spiritual growth. Her books - The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth, and Dream Theatres of the Soul: Empowering the Feminine Through Jungian Dreamwork - have been used in university classes and dreamwork courses throughout the country. Her book, Healing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World, received the 2013 Wilbur Award from the Religion Communicators Council. Her newest book, The Soul's Twins, is about how to create partnership between femininity and masculinity within yourself and in your relationships. It will be launched in November of 2020. 

You can find more information about Dr. Raffa at her website,, at her blog and you can connect with her online via: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

Dr. Raffa can be contacted at

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