The Language of Dreams

Dr. Marion Ehrenberg

The Language of Dreams, book cover and description

Twenty-two-year-old Clare Thomas Lane begins therapy by court order, not by choice.

Clare is sure that she doesn't need the help of a shrink. Clare's fortysomething psychotherapist, Avery Frontiera, doubts her own ability to connect with this prickly young shoplifter. As Avery and Clare begin their sessions, each woman faces a major life crisis. Clare grapples with an unwanted pregnancy; Avery struggles with a fractured marriage and unrealized hopes for motherhood. Both are haunted by dark family secrets.

The strict boundaries between psychologist and client are blurred from the first session, and although Avery struggles to regain control over the tumultuous therapist-client relationship that unfolds, she manages to get past Clare's defensive shell and bond with her most vulnerable self. Guided by the insights of their therapy sessions and their dreams, Avery and Clare must uncover the shocking truths of the past to face the crises of the present and walk into the future transformed.

Praise for The Language of Dreams

"Marion Ehrenberg’s novel will resonate with those who also love Irv Yalom’s great fiction. It is a psychological portrait of two intriguing women who are thrown together in a therapy room and emerge transformed. This is a story worthy of television series. We want to stay in the world of our protagonist, the therapist, and see what she does next."

Wendy Goldman Rohm, NYT Best Selling Author, Director, The Rohm Literary Agency NY, L.A., Paris

"Ehrenberg’s handling of the psychoanalysis process … is expert and delicate … this is a strong character study about how people react when backed into a corner … A complex … engaging novel about temptation and ethical quandaries."

– Kirkus Reviews

"The Language of Dreams is a unique story, artfully told ... a page-turner ... a psychological thriller ... breathtaking ..."

Aliss Terrell, American writer, musician, filmmaker, Paris, France

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About The Author

Marion Ehrenberg

Dr. Marion Ehrenberg is a Canadian psychologist, professor, and writer.

Dr. Ehrenberg has been practicing psychotherapy for over twenty-five years. She earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University and served as Director of Clinical Training at the University of Victoria. She has published extensively on her research on diverse families.

Dr. Ehrenberg has cultivated her lifelong love of literature into a creative writing practice through a certificate program, workshops, and mentorship. Her experiences as a psychologist uniquely inform her fictional depictions of the human psyche, mental health, and suicide.

You can learn more about Dr. Marion Ehrenberg by visiting her website and you can connect with her online via LinkedIn.

Interview with Dr. Marion Ehrenberg

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