The Habit Switch

Romney Nelson

The Habit Switch by Romney Nelson

How Little Changes Can Produce Massive Results for Your Health, Diet and Energy Levels by Introducing Incremental Mini Habits

Do You Want to Change Your Habits and Change Your Life?

Have you ever tried to improve your diet, fitness or your financial success but keep slipping back to your old ways?

Have the plans you have previously tried to implement focused more on the short-term outcomes, rather the lasting success that long-term and supportive habits can build?

Do you find that the popular trends are not providing you with the results you hoped for?

Are you looking for an easy but sensible approach that you can build around your current lifestyle?

If so, there’s a simple solution: THE HABIT SWITCH

Imagine waking in the morning with a supportive daily habit structure that will allow you to achieve anything you want! Imagine developing a routine that becomes so automatic that you don’t even have to think about it. Imagine finishing your day having completed your fitness, diet, work and personal activities knowing you have completed everything you set out to achieve.

Leading Australian Habit Change expert Romney Nelson, provides a start to finish blueprint for developing your winning and supportive habits. He will show you step by step, how to incrementally build your habits for long-term success.

In this book, you will discover the power of building supportive mini habits through incremental change and how to break the bad habits. The methods outlined will completely transform your overall habit development for the long-term.  In The Habit Switch you will discover:

  • How to use small changes to make a BIG IMPACT
  • How to set health, diet, fitness and financial goals that matter
  • The STOP>REVIEW>PIVOT and POWER system for reviewing your current progress
  • 4 easy and powerful tips to take action daily
  • Practical tips for implementing transformational habits into your life
  • Proven strategies to break bad habits and implement daily supportive actions
  • How to prioritize habit development into your life
  • Why morning habit development is the most critical
  • How to build lifelong and supportive habits using the 8 Step DR. ACTION system

Plus, you’ll receive a BONUS Habit Formation Checklist that will help you to create your pattern of behaviour for habit change and development.

The Habit Switch is for anyone who wants to ensure their habits stick with them for life.

If you have the right habits and the right attitude, change is possible without exerting yourself. As long as you stick to the supportive habits outlined in this book, identify and replace your negative ones, and remain consistent to take advantage of their compounding effect, you can cut through all of the confusion and create a plan that works for you.

Grab yourself a copy of The Habit Switch today to finally conquer habit development and get to work to achieve so much more than you ever imagined.  It’s time to turn on The Habit Switch!

Jim Christenson – Amazon Reviewer – 5 Stars

The book provides a lot of content on health and fitness and very it very successfully pairs it with the context of developing habits a little at a time. Romney shares many of his personal routines; it was useful for me to see how he lays out the day and describes the outcomes he receives. He also talks about how he got there - the small steps he took daily that allowed him to perform the way he does.

The Habit Switch is an excellent companion to his other book I read: Magnetic Goals. It points out how to apply the principles in that book to your physical and emotional walk so your success and change become inevitable if you apply the principles daily.

In addition, Romney's suggestions sparked my desire to do some of the things he talks about. Upgrade your environment, organize your food, schedule time to implement fulfilling your needs, removing destructive thinking and situations from your life.

If you can glean a few useful things to start you by even skimming this book, it will prove useful. A deeper study will allow for sure, permanent change over time. Recommended without reservation for anyone opening their mind to personal growth.

Dr. Patricia Eroh – Amazon Reviewer – 5 Stars

This is an incredibly helpful book that is helping me to change the little things that add up to big change. I would recommend this book to everyone.

About The Author

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Romney Nelson is one of Australia's Leading Experts in Habit Formation and Goal Development and #1 Best Selling Author. His unique Dr. ACTION™ and 'The Goal Loop' systems have been accredited to changing the success mindset of 1000's of people across the world. He has represented Australia in sport, is an executive business coach, speaker, qualified teacher and Personal Trainer and owner of two rapidly growing businesses.

Romney has previously held Head of Faculty positions in some of the most prestigious schools in Australia and has also held senior executive positions in several businesses including a current advisory role for a leading Educational Services business in Melbourne, Australia.

Romney has dedicated the past 25 years to helping others achieve success and fulfillment in their lives through his coaching, teaching, masterclasses, mentoring, resources and books. His clients speak of his passion and dedication for self-improvement and bringing that knowledge and experience to help others achieve what they want in their lives.


Romney Nelson's latest book The Power of the Attraction Mindset has just been released - the Kindle version of which is available for a special launch price of just $0.99 until the middle of May 2020.

The Power of the Attraction Mindset is for anyone that doesn't want to let another day pass without taking the lead role in their own life. Remember, every single second that ticks by without you taking action is a moment you can never regain. The life of your dreams is beckoning to you right this very moment. Reach out and grab it!

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