The Circus of Life

A brilliant, practical guide on understanding stress and how to build resilience, self-confidence and happiness in teenagers.

The Circus of Life

The Circus of Life by Rachel Munns has been helping teenagers to identify and combat the common causes of everyday mental health problems. Stress is the number one cause of teenage illness in the UK, suicide rates in this age group are at an all-time high, and the Mental Health Service is under enormous pressure. With this book teenagers can get practical help and guidance before stress begins to cause major health and social problems.

An Introduction To The Circus of Life

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Rachel Munns is a qualified counsellor, mindfulness practitioner and mental health first aider. She has worked with young people all over the UK for over a decade aiming to improve the mental wellbeing of the nation!

She is a mum of two amazing teenage boys, wife of a wonderful hubby and general skivvy for her beautiful dog, Molly.

It is her greatest wish that no teenager should ever have to suffer the way her eldest son did, and this book is her way of sharing all the advice she possibly can to help others avoid the same difficulties. It is her hope that, through the simplicity of the Big Top Model and the Daily Workout, young people will find a way to navigate the challenges of their teenage years.

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