The 3 Minute Gratitude and Happiness Journal: Boost Your Happiness and Health With a Daily Dose of Gratitude

Chenelle Lee Hitchcock

The 3 Minute Gratitude and Happiness Journal book cover and description

Start your journey to optimum health and happiness with this beautiful 3 Minute Gratitude and Happiness Journal. This journal is more than just a gratitude journal; it's a self-help guide that will help you improve your health, happiness, self-esteem, energy, sleep, and success.

Each daily spread contains guided prompts, inspirational quotes, beautiful illustrations, and checklists to help you find more clarity, peace, and joy.

With this journal, certified HeartMath® Therapist Chenelle Lee Hitchcock will teach you a new and powerful habit each week, and you will soon feel the amazing benefits of living a life of gratitude.

Benefits from reading this journal:

- Take the next step in your journey to optimum health and happiness

- Create a life of joy, peace, and success

- Develop a powerful habit each week

What's Included in the Journal:

  • Guided prompts
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Space for reflections, gratitude, and health checklists

Buy now and start your journey to a healthier and happier life!

The 3 Minute Gratitude and Happiness Journal is available from your local bookseller & online internationally from Amazon.

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About The Author

Chenelle Lee Hitchcock

Previous to becoming a certified HeartMath® Therapist and author, Chenelle Lee Hitchcock enjoyed the challenges and rewards of being a well-respected educator. She was known as the Queen of Meditation and helped hundreds of students to feel more calm, sleep better, and achieve improved academic results, through teaching them meditation. Chenelle was unfortunately forced into premature retirement due to the devastating affects of a major burnout, that negatively impacted every aspect of her life.

Passionate and caring educators often suffer from burnout due to the increasing demands of compliance and their desire to deliver interesting, relevant and inspiring lessons. Chenelle was no exception. She spent the next ten years researching the causes of burnout and how to recover. She attributes her recovery to a deep understanding of the causes of stress, and learning simple strategies to overcome it, one of them being the HeartMath® stress management system.

Becoming a certified HeartMath® Therapist played a significant part in her recovery, and led to the creation of the beautiful 3 Minute Gratitude And Happiness Journal, and The Secret To Being Calm and Happy Series. Health professionals worldwide now see gratitude journals as integral to improving their clients’ health and well-being, and Chenelle’s HeartMath® training explained why.

According to the research conducted by The HeartMath Institute®, when you generate feelings of love, care, gratitude, and compassion, you change your heart rhythm to a more coherent pattern. A more coherent heart rhythm is associated with improvements in blood pressure, brain function, creativity, and immunity, helping your body to function at its optimum level. A more coherent heart rhythm ensures that virtually no energy is wasted, and you are more likely to thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Indeed, experiencing gratitude on a daily basis is one of your best strategies to improve your energy, reduce your stress, and improve your health and happiness.

Chenelle is now on a mission to help the 80% of people who will suffer from burnout to recover and lead full and meaningful lives. She has now helped herself and countless others to recover from burnout, using a toolkit of evidence based strategies, combined with the HeartMath® system.

Chenelle's books The Secret To Being Calm and Happy Series; are based on sound research, and also lived experience of someone who has successfully recovered from a major burnout.

Chenelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Technology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Learning. Chenelle is a qualified Teacher with the NSW Department of Education. Chenelle is a licensed with the Institute of HeartMath® Institute as a Trainer - Educator and Therapist.

In addition to The 3 Minute Gratitude and Happiness Journal, Chenelle is also the author of From Broken To Beautiful: How to be Calm, Happy and Slim and Saying No Can Help You Live A Better Life

You can learn more about the transformational work of Chenelle Lee Hitchcock and get inspirational tips to feel calm, happy and healthy by visiting her website: and you can connect with Chenelle online via LinkedIn.

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