The 11+ Journal

A Children's Journal encouraging mental health, gratitude, confidence, resilience and mindfulness through words and art.

Sabah Hadi (Author), Jemma Zoe Smith (Contributor)

The 11+ Journal, book cover and description.

This is a 11 week Children's Journal to encourage self-awareness, imagination, gratitude and expression through art and words. This book will help children to develop executive functions such as regulating emotions, self- monitoring, paying attention and staying focussed. Young people can be under stress due to academic and societal expectations. This book will give them the tools to manage their emotions and not feel overwhelmed.

The 11+ Journal is available to buy from your favourite bookseller and online from Amazon.

Sabah Hadi is a writer who completed her degree in Chemical Engineering but never pursued it. Instead she chose the satisfying world of words and education. 

Sabah is the founder of, an online community which supports parents and caregivers of children in primary school including those taking selective entrance tests to top UK secondary schools. 

In addition to working on her books, including a children's book, a novel and a Secondary School Planner and Journal, which is due out soon, Sabah dabbles in property and IT solutions. She lives in London with her husband, two children, infinite dreams and a good-enough grip on reality.

You can connect with Sabah and the 11 plus journey community of parents, tutors, businesses and educational consultants via Facebook and LinkedIn.

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