SERIAL KILLERS: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask

Joni Johnston, Psy.D.

Serial killers haunt our dreams and inspire the terrifying villains of TV shows and horror movies. But how much do you really know about the minds behind the world’s deadliest killers? What drives these murderers to kill and kill again? And what fuels our fascination with the true stories of their horrific crimes?

Now forensic psychologist, private investigator, and crime writer Dr. Joni E. Johnston brings you the answers to these questions and more! Serial Killers: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask dives into the case files of the most infamous murderers in history, and answers the questions true crime fans have been dying to ask...

SERIAL KILLERS: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask is available to buy in print and kindle versions from Amazon.

Dr. Joni Johnston

Dr. Joni Johnston is a practicing clinical/forensic psychologist, private investigator and crime writer with over twenty-five years experience of working in prisons, courts, and hospitals with both victims and offenders. With a passion for understanding and communicating the psychology of crime, Dr. Johnston writes for Psychology Today, and hosts and produces the true crime YouTube channel Unmasking a Murderer.

You can learn more about Dr. Joni Johnston by visiting her website and connecting with her via Facebook and LinkedIn.

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