Self-Help On The Go

Because You Are Not Broken, But Life Gets Tricky Sometimes

Dr. Carrie Johansson

Self-Help On The Go: Because You Are Not Broken, But Life Gets Tricky Sometimes, book cover and description.

99 Tactics For Success

Life often feels like a lot to manage but you can learn to help your mind become more flexible and less overwhelmed by emotions, problems, and stress. We all have adjustments we can make to improve our habits, communication, relationships, and daily functioning. By starting with small changes, you can use skillful responses to overcome the power of old, unhelpful habits and stop feeling stuck.

Self-Help On The Go offers ninety-nine ways to leverage emotional flexibility to become more resilient and improve how you habitually respond to life’s most common problems. The tools are as simple to learn as they are profound in their impact. Pick it up as you need it to quickly enjoy relief with in-the-moment lessons that really work. If you are ready and eager to have a better life, this is the book for you.

Self Help On The Go is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

About The Author

Dr. Carrie Johansson is a psychologist turned speaker and author who is committed to helping people navigate the realities of life with more ease, joy and connection. She has been in private practice in Denver, Colorado for 20 years and is passionate about teaching people how to easily identify their next best move, even when real life is a real bear. Dr. Johansson received her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, Masters from the University of Denver and Bachelor’s from the University of Virginia. In addition, she regularly seeks out research and information about habits, communication, behavior change, relationships and other areas essential to a great life.

You can learn more about Dr. Johansson's life changing work by visiting her website: and you can connect with her online via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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