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  1. Donald Olding Hebb: Today in the History of Psychology (15th November 1949)

    Nov 15, 18 10:00 AM

    Donald Olding Hebb's trailblazing work 'The Organization of Behavior: A Neuropsychological Theory' was published.

    Based on Hebb's attempt to explain perception, thinking and learning in terms of neur…

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  2. Today in the History of Psychology (14th November 1910)

    Nov 14, 18 10:00 AM

    Robert Ebel was born. A renowned educational psychologist, Ebel is best known for the significant contribution he made within the field of psychometric theory and measurement. Ebel was a professor in…

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  3. St. Augustine: Today in the History of Psychology (13th November 354)

    Nov 13, 18 10:00 AM

    Aurelius Augustinus (St. Augustine) was born. A renowned philosopher and celebrated thinker, St. Augustine wrote widely about the human experience, most notably in his epic autobiographical work 'Conf…

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