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Psychology of Trust

by David Muir

Photo Credit: Seenya Rita

Photo Credit: Seenya Rita

I'd like to know a bit more about the psychology of trust. I've read snippets of research papers around the place, but no full text articles or e-books.

Can anybody recommend anything?

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Trust and its importance to an individual
by: Anonymous

To trust another individual is a matter of personal experience, and personal judgment. It is wise not to trust without good reason, and blind trust is foolish. There is an Islamic saying; "Trust in Alah, but tie up your camel".

In general, a trustworthy person will not care whether they are trusted or not, because trust is not one of their NEEDS.

An untrustworthy person however NEEDS trust to be able to function. Therefore they will show an exaggerated emotional response if trust is denied.

So, if someone you know makes a terrible fuss because you don't trust them, don't trust them!

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