Pro Active

A Game About The Causes Of Stress And How To Prevent It


Do you want to learn more about how to prevent stress in the workplace - in an engaging way - while increasing well-being and output?

Pro Active is a business simulation game that helps bond teams and make them more stress resistant. Designed in collaboration by Game Designers on the one hand, and Work and Organizational Psychologists from the University of Copenhagen on the other, Pro Active draws on the latest evidence based theory surrounding stress-prevention.

Pro Active is an affordable, engaging learning tool that shows how groups and teams can act proactively when colleagues are at risk of becoming ill with stress. Employees get to test their knowledge in a safe simulated reality, where insightful reflection and shared ownership of decisions is encouraged.

Central Themes

  • How to balance assignments when there is extra work to do?

  • How to notice that colleagues are under pressure and what to do about it?

  • How to create a company culture and structure that prevents stress?

Why Learning Games?

  • Simulated reality allows players to critical evaluate real world experience, knowledge, insights and perspectives; (both their own and those of their work colleagues), in a constructive and collaborative environment.

  • Simulated learning games are a great way to identify employee strengths and blind spots.

  • Learning games provide a fun way of addressing serious issues.

  • Simulated reality promotes learning by doing rather than just listening.

Why Pro Active?

In addition to offering all the learning game benefits listed above, the clue is in the name! Pro Active allows participants to learn how to anticipate and control stress inducing situations in the workplace, rather than just been negatively affected by them.

The target demographic for the Pro Active game are groups of employees and managers. The game is self-instructing and can be used by internal consultants on team events, workshops, seminars and training courses. The playing time is approximately 2 hours, including time for debriefing. Participants play in teams of 3-6 people and multiple games can be played at the same time by different groups.

Want To Learn More?

To find out more about Pro Active, learning games and behavioral change, contact organizational psychologist Peter Bruun, founder and game adviser at Amsterdam Game Lab.


TEL +31(0)6 - 244 55 199

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