Own It!: Honouring and Amplifying Accountability

Dr. Paige Williams

Own It!: Honouring and Amplifying Accountability, book cover and description.

There’s an epidemic of underperformance plaguing teams and organisations and it's caused by issues with accountability.

Activity but no progress, meetings with no follow-up, confused responsibilities, impossible demands, missed milestones, low morale, poor engagement, talent drain…

From broken promises and unrealistic expectations to finger-pointing and cultures of avoidance and blame, issues with accountability – and the fear that drives them – are rampant across business, government, and NGOs.

If you have people in your team, you have issues with accountability.

Own It! is the book for you if...

  • You’ve been let down by a broken promise or expected to do the impossible at work
  • You’re struggling with lack of time, too many commitments and a culture of blame
  • You’re tired, frustrated and overwhelmed with what lies ahead and can’t see a way forward
  • You’re a leader who knows your team could perform better, but aren’t sure what to try next
  • You’re ready to break the mould, feel energized and engaged with your work, proud of your achievements, and excited about the future

In Own it!, Paige has delivered an exceptionally practical and insightful book on how to understand, build and maintain accountability for yourself and others in the workplace. An engaging read, that brings Paige's insights developed through her professional experiences working with leaders across many industries to life, in a clear and accessible format that will benefit many people and organisations. (Drew Beswick, CEO, Possability)

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Own It!: Honouring and Amplifying Accountability is available to buy from your favorite bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

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About The Author

Dr. Paige Williams

Dr. Paige Williams is an author, researcher and PhD in Organisational Behaviour. Using a potent blend of positive psychology, neuroscience, and leadership, together with over 20 years of international business leadership experience; Dr. Williams helps leaders learn to thrive through disruption, challenge and change. A trusted advisor and mentor to leaders across business, government, education and beyond, she is passionate about making research real, relevant and relatable to the work that leaders do every day.

In addition to Own It!: Honouring and Amplifying Accountability, Dr. Williams's other books include Becoming AntiFragile and From Surviving to Thriving: A Student’s Guide to Feeling and Doing Well at University.

You can learn more about the transformative work of Dr. Paige Williams by visiting drpaigewilliams.com and you can connect with her online via LinkedIn.

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