Next Generation Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Care

Clive F. Lloyd

Next Generation Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Care

Next Generation Safety Leadership offers meaningful applications that bring theory to life through case studies and stories from the author's many years of experience in high-risk industries. The author begins by presenting safety leaders and their organizations with a compelling case for change – for doing Safety Differently – and then provides practical advice and clear strategies that enable leaders to create psychologically safe teams. Focusing on the need to build trust, the book uses a clear and conversational tone, translating academic jargon into actionable goals. 

Through the use of industry examples, humor, and leadership case studies, the book leaves the reader with a comprehensive toolkit that will enable the development of a more mature, proactive safety culture. Written primarily for the safety community, the book will be of interest to Operations Managers, General Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Safety Advisors, and Maintenance Managers.

This book is a must have for any safety professional, whether you’re an established practitioner or an aspiring one, you will take something away from reading this. Clive Lloyd has really raised the bar on how the industry needs to drive forward in the 21st century. I cannot recommend this book enough, worth every penny and a book I’ll read again and again. (Neil Fisher)

About The Author

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Clive Lloyd is an Australian psychologist who assists high-hazard organisations to improve their safety performance through the development of trust and psychological safety and by doing Safety Differently. He is the co-director and principal consultant of GYST Consulting Pty Ltd, and developer of the acclaimed Care Factor Program. He was recently named among the top 5 Global thought leaders and influencers on Health & Safety by Thinkers360.

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