Murder Mystery Word Search and Whodunit Challenge

Perplexing Puzzles For Super Sleuthers

Woman holding Murder Mystery Word Search and Whodunit Challenge book


Think you can spot a murderer?

Can you tell who is telling the truth and who is lying?

Well here’s your chance to prove it!

In addition to word searches, which include ones where you can literally find the best murder mystery films and TV series to watch, podcasts to listen to and books to read; this puzzle book also includes an excellent whodunit, where you get to play detective to see if you can identify the killer from a list of suspects.

Published in color, this skillfully crafted and engaging activity book, also includes:

  • A Murder Mystery Quiz

  • Fabulous Did You Know Facts

  • Easy To Read Text

  • Puzzle Solutions At The Back Of Book

  • Website Links Murder Mystery Fans Will Love:
  • Serial Killer Myths
  • Famous Forensic Cases
  • The Psychopath

Created by a murder mystery fan, this Word Search and Whodunit Challenge Puzzle Book makes a brilliant gift and provides a brilliant way for fellow murder mystery lovers to keep their minds fit and active.

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Ready to start sleuthing? Get your copy now!

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