Mindscaping: A Practical Guide For How To Be Happier

Donovon Jenson

Mindscaping: A Practical Guide For How To Be Happier, book cover and description.

Are you happier now than you were last year?

Most people haphazardly chase happiness, guided by vague, empty platitudes like:

Choose happiness.

Happiness can only be found when you stop looking for it.

Happiness is always within you.

These sound profound, but lack clear action steps. Results are inconsistent. How do I choose happiness? Where is happiness within me? This book shows exactly how to shape your mind for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Readers can expect to:

  • Understand happiness, how it’s produced, and how to increase it
  • Discover a simple metaphor for how shaping your mind is similar to landscaping
  • Master techniques for managing troublesome thoughts, negative feelings, and challenging situations
  • Learn how to link actions with happiness and purpose, then execute them
  • Explore 100+ reflection questions and 40+ exercises targeted at increasing happiness

Mindscaping is not the one true path to happiness; it’s a framework for designing your path to happiness, based on well-researched and proven techniques. Happiness is too important to leave to chance. What’s stopping you from investing a few hours into learning the lifelong process for producing happiness?

From the Author

While focused on happiness, the framework and tools in this book have done much more than increase my happiness. They are also the keys I used to unlock a number of avenues in my life:

  • Going from no coding experience to a software engineer at Google in under 18 months
  • Getting over 1 million views on YouTube (teaching writing rap and poetry, of all things!)
  • Creating courses consumed by over 20,000 students

Mindscaping is not just about happiness, but about creating your best life and achieving your potential. It has absolutely changed my life I'm certain it can do the same for you.

Mindscaping is available to buy from your favorite bookseller and online internationally in print, kindle & audio versions from Amazon.

Donovon Jenson is a software engineer at Google, holding degrees in both health policy and psychology from the University of Utah. He is the author of Surviving Customer Service and Real Resolutions. Donovon teaches several courses, including Goal Setting Challenge and Happiness Challenge, each with over 3,000 students.

You can learn more about Donovon by visiting his website howtohappy.com and you can connect with online via Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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