Know: A spiritual wake-up call

Royce Amy Morales

Know: A spiritual wake-up call, book cover and description.

All people hunger to discover who they really are, resolve issues preventing a life of joy, purposefulness and empowerment. The slew of books and programs offering instant fixes, filled with superficial metaphysical or spiritual concepts, only adds to the frustration when transformation is short-lived at best. "Know: A spiritual wake-up call" not only explains Royce Morales' profoundly transformative, inner-development discoveries, it offers ways to apply them in everyday life. It doesn't offer techniques to "act as if," or to "fake it" better through life. Rather, the information escorts the reader through an epic inner adventure that can shift consciousness from the roots. Laced with personal accounts, along with experiential, inner exercises, "Know" helps break free of repetitious patterns, stuck situations and endless self-sabotage.

Know: A spiritual wake-up call is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

About The Author

Royce Morales is the developer of Perfect Life Awakening, a groundbreaking, spiritually-based course that gives applicable tools to discover the roots of self-sabotaging, inner programming. Her work is the result of decades helping thousands shift a wide variety of personal issues. Royce Morales helps people discover who they really are, access their own truth and navigate life from empowerment and trust. Her work gets to the core of what’s preventing a life of joy, deservingness, love and purposefulness.

Go to for more information about her courses. Royce Morales is also the author of two other books: "Back: Rebirth After Stroke," is an intimate story of applying her spiritual teachings to cope with her husband's massively life-changing stroke; and "Want: True love, past lives and other complications," a fictionalized story of what soulmate love really is, sprinkled generously with her spiritual teachings.

You can connect with Royce online via Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

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Know: A spiritual wake-up call

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