I Have Superpowers

Mary Beth Perrone

I Have Superpowers, book cover and description.

I Have Superpowers follows Zander, a young boy who has challenges controlling his emotions. During his seventh-birthday celebration, Zander screams when his dog swipes his cupcake. After his outburst, Zander's mom gives him a very powerful present. She teaches him how to use deep breathing to calm down. Once Zander puts the breathing technique into practice, he realizes that he does indeed have a superpower.

Breathing techniques enable children to better love themselves, each other, and the Earth. And maybe the dog sometimes too.

I Have Superpowers is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

About The Author

Mary Beth Perrone resides in Florida with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. She appreciates the wonder and magic of kids. She owns two successful businesses 810 Showroom, a fashion wholesale company, and Radiate Wellness, a women's wellness company. Her passion, purpose, and give back is her nonprofit Mindful Movement FL. It teaches kids to love themselves, others, and the Earth. She wants to make an imprint on kids’ hearts to tap into their inner superpowers. If she isn't working, she is adventuring outside with her family.

You can learn more about Mary Beth's Mindful Movement by visiting her website: mindfulmovementfl.com and you can connect with her online via Instagram and LinkedIn.

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