How To Get Back Your MoJo: By Understanding Your Inner Gremlin

Ann McCracken

How To Get Back Your MoJo

MoJo is a quality that attracts people to you, making you feel successful and full of energy. It’s a GREAT feeling!

Ann McCracken believes she has found a way to get your MoJo back on Monday morning, or indeed any other day of the week. In this inventive book, the author brings her scientific and medical research background to simplify recent leaps in knowledge of Neuroscience which have clarified the mind-body connection. Ann McCracken suggests we all have an inner Gremlin which feeds on our emotions and this then directs our behaviour. The controversial aspect of the concept, is YOU can choose what emotions you give your Gremlin to eat, resulting in stress/ill health or feeling GREAT and recovering your MoJo/feel-good factor.

Positive emotions like delight, excitement and empathy create MoJo and good health, whereas unhelpful emotions like anger, despair and helplessness create passive and out of control feelings. This book presents a unique way to consider taking control of your reactions and your health.

This is a wonderful book, backed up by scientific theory and case studies. It expertly weaves aspects of life into a very clear description of how our thoughts and emotions provide food for our gremlins. These gremlins have the power to sabotage us or boost our mojo (what Ann describes as what makes us feel happy, successful and full of energy). We learn that by taking stock of life and our attitudes and changing whatever needs to change we can make a real difference to how we feel and how others perceive us. I know which I'd rather have and thanks to this book I know how to get it – it's all down to what I feed my gremlins. The real charm though is an abundance of fabulous gremlin cartoons. If words don’t do it for you, these characters certainly will – they definitely enhanced my positive gremlins! (Susan Scott)

About The Author

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Scientist Ann McCracken is an authority on the topics of stress, well-being and resilience. She launched her private practice after training as a Stress Management Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Since then, Ann has worked with more than 2,000 clients, adding further skills to her already extensive repertoire: Reiki 2, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprogramming (EMDR), CBT, Management and Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

In conjunction with her private practice, Ann was Director of AMC2, a company focused on management training on how to avoid stress and achieve well-being and resilience. She has worked with PLCs, SMEs and Public Sector organisations for the past 18 years.

Since 2003, Ann has developed her keynote speaker profile at conferences throughout the UK and India on a wide variety of topics, including her beloved Gremlins. She employs the 'Gremlin' concept to explain how people can regain their MoJo because it clarifies the concept of self-responsibility.

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